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Jolie van der Klis
Date of birth: March 4, 1965
Portfolio: Jolie's online portfolio
URL since 1998: http://www.jolie.nl
URL since 1995: http://www.xs4all.nl/~jolie
Weblog since 2002: http://www.jolie.nl/weblog
e-mail: jolie@xs4all.nl

Recent projects:
I design websites, illustrations, brochures, books and bookcovers.

Recent projects are: You can view examples of my work in my portfolio

Grafisch Media Instituut Amsterdam
january 2000 - september 2002:
  • teaching webdesign, Adobe software, HTML, PHP
  • recently I changed my contract into a freelance-status, to be able to spend time on freelance projects
XS4ALL Internet
october 1996 - december 1999:
  • Design and updates XS4ALL-webpages, intranetpages and projectpages
  • Design icons for software-interface
  • Simple perlscript for the XS4ALL-webpages
  • Reports and advise concerning the XS4ALL website
  • DTP manuals and folders
  • Contact clients XS4ALL via e-mail, questions concerning the XS4ALL-webpages
  • Mentoring trainee webdesign

Mission regarding webpages XS4ALL:
At this moment XS4ALL still wants all-browser-compatible-pages, limited javascript-use, strong color-reduction and datatraffic-reduction.

See also examples of my work in my portfolio

Websites developed for XS4ALL Internet:

  • The NL-knowhow.org-pages: 'Nederland Kennisland Site.' Produced under the auspices of the Partner in Knowledge Steering Group, representing: 5 Ministries. Site contains information about Dutch-based companies and organisations active in knowledge and technology.
  • The XS4ALL-Site, 750 pages
  • ProjectSites for XS4ALL like 5th anniversary, and HIP'97 [incl. logo].

Printed matter for XS4ALL, a.o:
  • The Report of the Hotline Against childpornography on the Internet


Design webpages for Wegener Internet Nederland,
March - August 1996:
  • Design Website Wegenerdivision WISE "Wegener Informatie Services Exploitatie B.V."
  • Design Wegener Anual Report for Internet and CDrom
  • Design Webpublication of the book 'Dankzij de snelheid van het licht' by Maurice de Hond
  • Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Tandheelkunde (Design based upon existing Magazine for Dentists)
  • Webimages for Gouden Gids (Yellow Pages)
  • Design beamerpresentations about Wegener Internet, for a.o. KiViNiria

  • These projects were made in cooperation with my colleagues: I designed the HTML-blueprint and the images, and the HTML-programmers in the team put the information into the blueprints.
  • Except for the Webpublication of the book 'Dankzij de snelheid van het licht' and the beamerpresentations: I both designed and HTMLed these projects.


Planet Internet
end august till end september 1996:
  • Buttons & banners: creating and uploading web-add's daily.
  • Updating Statistic-datafiles daily. (Perl)
  • Providing clients with statistic information regarding their web-adds weekly.
  • Desktop-publishing for the User-manual.
  • Created 16-color images for the Internet-installer-software.

WebPages made by my one-woman's company MMWEbHL
november 1995:
  • Webpage PD-Advise and Administration
  • Website Funnewspaper
  • Website Buro voor Levensgenieters "PartyBuro for Life-enjoyers"


  • Gymnasium-alfa
    Hermann Wesselink College
    Startbaan 3, Amstelveen
    diploma 1984
    graduated in Latin, Greek, English, Dutch, German, History, Art-history
  • Artschool section first degree Artteachers
    (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten afd. Beeldende Vorming)
    Lutmastraat 191, Amsterdam
    diploma 1989
    Degree allows me to teach art and art-history in all educational institutes in the Netherlands.
  • 'De Meevaart'
    Balistraat 48A, Amsterdam
    course programming in GWbasic
    september - november 1986
    After this course I programmed a text-based adventure-game in GWbasisc in two years.
  • Kreft Advies Opleidingen
    Houtplein 8, Haarlem
    Fulltime course "Electronic Design"
    November 1993 - june 1994
  • Diploma DeskTop Publishing, 16 december 1994
  • Workshop's, 1998
    Macromedia Flash
    HTML: Dreamweaver, Golive Cyberstudio
    DVD video


Software I work with, either part of the course "Electronic Design" (1993-1994) or studied afterwards:
Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, BBedit 9.6, QuarkXpress 8, Adobe Premiere+AfterEffects CS5, Strata 3D 5.5, Flash CS5, Dreamweaver MX, Fontographer 4


Freelance work within my one-woman's company MMWEbHL 1994 - 1995 for:
Educational Press, City: Leiden
Design 'Higher Education Guide' / '95 / '96 / '97
Blueprint for all pages; Infographics and Brochures Higher Education Guide

Higher Education Press-agency, Leiden
Press-cards (ID), infographics for university-magazins

DesignBuro 'Basislijn', Amsterdam 1994 - 1995
Citymaps, infographics, DTP, Photoretouche

Design "huisstijlen": printed matter like notepaper, envelopes and businesscards

See also examples of my work in my portfolio

NLIP Dutch Combination of Internetproviders -Utrecht
ITcompany Quintiq B.V. -'s Hertogenbosch
Lemstra en van Vleuten 'PartyBuro for Life-enjoyers' -Amersfoort
Community-centre "WOO Indische Buurt" -Amsterdam
Printing-office 'Amersfoort' -Amersfoort
PD Advies & Administratie BV -Amsterdam

Work like adds, brochures and infographics 1994 - 1995 for:
Explainer Interactive bv - Amsterdam
Café Internet - Amsterdam
Printing-office 'Amersfoort' - Amersfoort
Printing-office 'De Volharding' - Amsterdam
Recordingstudios - Hoorn - Amsterdam
Publicity Agency Cramer & Van Hooijdonk - Amsterdam
Artfoundation 'De Eilanden' - Amsterdam
Mediart Productions - Amsterdam


Jobs in education
Jobs in education / highschools / institutes
  • teaching graphic design, art and art-history, design software, web techniques; developing courses and educational materials
Jan van Rijckenborghschool Hilversum Since february 2016: Group 7/8 (10-12 yr-olds,) English as near-native-speaker. We started using Our Discovery Island, but we wanted to achieve more immersion in the English language. That is why we started to develop supplementary materials ourselves.

My lecture at the OHM-hacker-festival 2013, on the crowd disaster at the Loveparade Festival in Duisburg, Germany, can still be viewed at the Prezi-site (English).

Grafisch Media Instituut Amsterdam january 2000 - september 2002: teaching webdesign, -techniques and -software, and developing courses and lessons

Guest-teacher september 1998:
Haagse Hogeschool, Den Haag
4th year students Informatica
Project "vi@2future," subject webdesign and webpage-maintenance

QuarkXpress training Wijkopbouworgaan
5 lessons, spring 1996
local newspaper Amsterdam switching to digital print

Community Centre Hofgeest, Amsterdam
september - december 1995
art-history adults age 50 - 75

Dudok College section Havo-Mbo
W.C. Bradelaan 2, Hilversum
december 1989 - july 1992
art and art-history, 16-18 year old's

Pampedia section Fashion:
Larenseweg 28, Hilversum
may 1990 - october 1990
graphic design, 15-16 year old pupils

Academie de Hoogh section "Agogisch Werk"
Vermeerlaan 12, Hilversum
march 1991 tot - june 1991
art expression, 15-16 year old pupils

Niftarlake College
Pauwenkamp 151, Maarssen
november 1992 - july 1993
art expression, 12-16 year old pupils


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