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Unlike other countries, in Holland everybody shares the opinion that all Universities offer the same programs and equal quality. In fact that is not as true as it seems. In other countries, like the U.S., it is very common to compare Universities. Recently a Dutch press-agency on Higher Education published a first Dutch guide on University progams.
When I worked as a teacher, pupils often asked me to which Artschool they should go, and I could hardly give a proper answer.

So I was very glad to find out about the press-agency Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau, that was working on the Higher Education Guide.

It was the item I missed during the years I worked as a teacher, and before, in the days that I wanted to find out about Education myself.
So designing the infographics etc. for it, became allmost a personal mission to me.

The Higher Education Guide -"Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs"- is not yet a commercial project.

The Secretary of Education has given financial support.
But it can be expected to become a self-supporting project in the future.

Governmental rules on education have changed in The Netherlands during the last years.

It has become very important to choose the Education that fits right away, because switching from one university- program to another is not that easy anymore.

The guide compares studyprograms of different Colleges and Universities. The information is based on peer-reviews and student-interviews.

The text and infographics offer information on the quality of professors, studyprograms and other facilities in Dutch Colleges and Universities.

This page is made without permission of the Publisher or the Press Agency on Higher Education.

If you want more information about the Higher Education Guide please contact the Press-agency via the Website of the Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau. You can order the Keuzegids via Keuzegids.org

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