AutoPilot® was ment to replace the Shopper InternetKit. Between november 1996 and febuari 1999, I created about 64 icons, 15 animations and various splashscreens for its interface. Unfortunately, the software was never released. Well, some alpha-versions of it, without any design elements.

That was two years ago, and we haven't heared from the project since. That is why I feel free to publish some of the icons for the programm. Back then, we spend a little time brainstorming about cute easter eggs:

And we discussed various styles -and various styles for the icons itself ofcourse, some got redesigned over the '96-99-period. We agreed the user would be able to choose and change the look of the software.

[Quote:] [...] Or.. a more 'winamp'-look & feel.. Same icons, different backgroundcolors.. though this might bring problems with the icons' need of transparency, and: with the neccesity of the 256Win-palette. -Ray? René?- This screenshot is not win256-palette anymore:

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