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Most recent websites I designed are INACH, the International Network Against Cyberhate, Coalition Europe, ICARE, the International Auschwitz Committee, Magenta, Dutch Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet, the Fairblogging.ning, Koos$moes, the parody, Den Hertog Kindermode, de Makelizer - jargonscript in PHP, Shelby - golfvacation, Zonjee Productions, Dijkman Management and Webontwikkelaar, tips and tricks for Webdevelopers (in Dutch):
Graphic Media Institute Amsterdam
I used to work as a teacher for the Graphic Media Institute in Amsterdam. Recently I changed my contract into a freelance-status, to be able to spend time to document the life of my sister who passed away recently.

Previous years I worked full-year at the webdepartment and wrote study-material.

The webdepartment seems to attract very nice and enthousiastic persons. And I'm surprized everytime I see the students' work. The GMI Amsterdam offers about any course you'd ever dream of, for starters and professional graphic designers.


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Mission regarding webpages XS4ALL: XS4ALL was in favour of all-browser-compatible-pages, resizable pages, matching all monitor-resolutions, limited javascript-use, no-frames, strong color-reduction and datatraffic-reduction. XS4ALL insisted upon 18 hyperlinks on their indexpage.
They've lost these ambitions, (happy for the webteam) but increased the amount of main-entry links from 18 to 23.


For XS4ALL I made several (re)design-suggestions, during 1996 - 1999:
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Some links you'll find here refer to mirrors of the original pages:


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